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Making Your Florida Home Safe During Hurricane Season

by The Posen Londos Group 07/14/2019

Are you worried about getting your home prepared for hurricane season? Making your home safe for hurricane season may feel like a big task, so here are some tips to get you started:

Secure Your Home 

In times past, homeowners were advised to board up their windows. While boarding up windows offers some protection, nowadays it is advised to secure your home with window shutters. Window shutters are very helpful as they protect the windows from debris. 

Protect Your Roof 

The roof of a house will cost thousands to repair if it gets damaged during a storm. Homeowners should install additional roof clips, straps, and roof chips to hold the roof tightly to its frame. This will keep the roof from being blown away by the hurricane. Also, make sure you have insurance whenever installing a new roof.

Reinforce the doors of the Garage 

There is a higher chance of damage if the hurricane enters the house through the garage door. To keep the garage door fit for the incredibly strong winds, put the garage door braces in place. Garage door braces will help your garage remain standing and secured during a storm.

Trim Trees 

Another way to get prepared for the hurricane is by trimming down the trees that are very close to your home. Though trees beautify and add value to our homes, they are a nightmare during a hurricane or tropical storm. Take a day to trim the trees when hurricane season is approaching. 

Unplug Electronics 

 It is advised to unplug all the electronics in your home to prevent damage from a power surge. It will be very risky to rely on surge protector alone. So, try to unplug all electrical appliances during a tropical storm or hurricane if it hits. 

Secure Loose or Heavy Outdoor Items 

Generally, the heavy items that are found around the homes are motorcycles, cars, boats, and cars. These items should be brought inside a garage. Also, look through your yard to ensure all loose items outside your home are secured. All loose and heavy outdoor items like potted plants, patio furniture, bicycles, loose rain gutter, tools, children toys, and all other things in this category should be taken indoors. This is essential because high winds will blow these objects around and they can cause a lot of damage if they strike your air conditioning unit or other parts of the home. 

Make sure you mention hurricane safety to your real estate agent, since not all homes are made equal, and they can help you find the safest properties in your budget. And remember, no matter how secure your house, when authorities call for an evacuation, that means you too.

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